Neighborhood Watch

Welcome to EldoradoNeighbors – the Neighborhood Watch (NW) for the Eldorado area and surrounds for crime alerts and Lost and Found.  Neighborhood Watch is making some changes in order to improve our e-mail alert system and ensure timely alerts to all.  We have recently changed our mail service provider and we are still learning all of the ins and outs of the system.  Please be patient with us as we go through the learning process.

We would like to thank Freddi Fullington, block captain and animal lover who is monitoring the Lost and Found page. Please contact Freddi Fullington if you wish to post something on the Lost and Found page at:  And, a thank you to Bonnie Malhum for monitoring the Flora and Fauna Group.  If you would like to contact Bonnie, her address is:  Block captains will receive notification and alerts to be forwarded to their list of neighborhood members.  If you are NOT a member of one of the neighborhood watch groups and would like to be, please contact either Joe Loewy ( or Ken Olds (


If you have questions about the website or emails, please contact Kenneth Olds,

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1. FIRST: Report suspicious activity to the non-emergency number for the Santa Fe County Sheriff, 428-3720

2. THEN call Joe Loewy at 505-231-6462 (email so that a Neighborhood Watch Alert can be sent out.

2 thoughts on “Neighborhood Watch

  1. Lost Dogs. One large male white Anatolian Shepherd and one
    small female Rat Terrier white with a red head and short tail. They were lost near Meder Rd and Sierrarama Rd in Shingle Springs. Please contact Natalie Patterson at 530 676-2433 or 916 765-5807 if you have seen them.

  2. Dakota Postal

    2 lost dogs. 1 jack russell and 1 miniature schnauzer. Ran away Friday afternoon. Please contact Julie Rose 505-577-4356

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